Monday, 12 October 2009

Goodbye, summer... hello, autumn!

Hi, Workshackers!

Well, it's finally happened! I've had to employ my little heater in my garden office! I was avoiding it for as long as I could, but, despite the thick insulation, I've had to take the chill off!

Of course, once the sun moves round and it starts coming through my windows, my office is as warm as toast! I certainly know that, on the occasions I go into the office 'proper', I can't feel the sun on my face! Working in the garden really is wonderful!

We're planning on entertaining next weekend, since it's been a while since we have and are feeling a little 'out of the loop'! So, whoever is lucky (?) enough to receive the invitation, will be wined and dined in the shack! Out will go the laptop and in will come the table cloth and extra chairs! And, hey presto! Our very own restaurant! Office to eatery in a matter of moments! Who would've thought a shack in the garden could be so versatile!

Well, I've finished for the day now. So, I'm off to mow the lawn (getting into the garden office is making me feel a bit like Ray Mears - time for action, I feel!)

Will catch up with the garden-working crew later in the week. Until then, all the best,


P.S. Workshacks will be delighted to welcome Oliver back to work next week. He has his cast off on Wednesday after a run-in with a sumo wrestler (it's true!) Poor old Ollie is not looking forward to having a skinny arm, though. I know, maybe we could temporarily kit out our garden office as a gym - get those wimpy muscles back to their former glory!


Sunday, 4 October 2009

Just a quick ramble from yours truly
sunday evening sitting in the business hub wishing i could work from here all the time. Ill have to be content on making others dreams come true by creating a workshack space for them, jumping in the shack mobile at 6.45 and heading for the M1 THE POSITIVE IS OF CAUSE when you are all working from your WORKSHACKS ILL BE THE ONLY ONE ON THE M1. hears to progress. GUY......