Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Ten days to Christmas!

Well, can you believe it, Work Shackers? Christmas is almost here!!!

I have been in touch with Father Christmas and all seems to be progressing well.

I am winding up for the festive period about now. Not too much work, thank goodness! Which leaves me to concentrate on getting things sorted for the kids. I shall shut up my shack with regards to its role as my office... and re-open it as a festive grotto of my very own! Santa, eat your heart out! Who knows, we may even enjoy our Christmas dinner up there!

Well, the cards are just about written now, so I shall get them distributed shortly.

Will check in again before the big day!

Catchya then, Work Shackers!


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December already!

Afternoon, Work Shackers!

Can you believe it's December already? I'm struggling to come to terms with this, you know. In fact, I didn't eat my advent chocolate till bedtime last night as I had forgotten what day it was.

I'm in the shack and wondering when I will bite the bullet and add some festive decorations to my office... mmm, not sure. Don't really feel Christmassy enough yet, but then again I don't want to leave it too late and be accused by Guy of being a big Scrooge! Shall ponder further, no doubt...

Well, it has turned pretty wintery. The shack is nicely insulated and my little heater keeps me warm. And it's nice to know I'm not heating an entire house just to warm my extremities! In fact, I am warmer in my office garden than I used to be in the last office in which I worked! And I don't have to put up with office politics - bliss!

I am currently working on a new project to run alongside Work Shacks and will keep you posted. Should be good - especially if you live in the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire area!

On that note, I really should be going. I've got Guy's work diary to sort out and I have a joint of gammon to put in the oven. Homeworking is great - how else could you just pop and do that and be back at your desk in a matter of moments?

Will check in again very soon and will try to dig up some juicy gossip for my next blog!

Keep the 'homeworking' flag flying, folks (ooo, very alliterative!)


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesday's shameless self-promotion

Hi, Work Shackers.

It's Tuesday and, as promised, my blog is going to be a shameless orgy of self-promotion - crikey, I never thought I would be using such language within the innocent surroundings of a little garden shack! It makes me feel a bit dirty, like Christina Aguilera! But, hey, what the hell...

Work Shacks supplies and fits garden buildings not only in the Northamptonshire and Leicestershire area, but also nationwide. These rather super 'sheds' can be used for a multitude of purposes, for example, as a home office, therapy suite, summer house, kids' playroom, music room, artist's studio or even as an entertainment space. They are tailor-made to your requirements; you want electricity - you've got it; you want water - you've got it; you want drainage; guess what, yep, you've got it!

Sheds are no longer just for spades and lawnmowers, you know! In the same way as bedrooms and reception rooms don't have to be given up for offices. Leave your dining room as a dining room, make up your spare room as a welcoming space for visitors. Move your office/beauty parlour/nail bar/craft workshop into the garden! No more clearing the table for dinner or shoving everything into a cupboard when you need an extra room! Simple!

And, of course, it is a very economical way of creating more space; way cheaper than an extension or attic converstion. Plus, your garden becomes useful the whole year round, with top-quality insulation keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter.

So, buck the trend, think differently! Make your garden office/suite/room the envy of all your friends! EVERYONE has a dining room, EVERYONE has a bedroom - how fantastic to be visionary enough to own a WORK SHACK!!!

Work Shacks' very own Guy is on hand to advise every step of the way so, whether you are in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, or any other 'shire', give us a call and tell us your story. Let us help turn your garden into a workspace like no other!

A shed is just a shed, but a shack can change your life! Your life, your shack...

Thanks for staying with me, Work Shackers! Watch this space for more ramblings...


Monday, 23 November 2009

Hello, Alex!

I wanted to post a separate blog about my finally meeting up with Alex Johnson of www.shedworking.co.uk. I have communicated with Alex quite a few times and Guy and I are avid Shedworking fans! Well, we would be, wouldn't we? It was great to finally meet up with him!

One thing has become apparent to us, though: we need to learn to 'twitter'! I fear we might be left behind if we don't!

We have some great plans for videos to promote Work Shacks, too. Home Enterprise Day really is bringing the creative side of us out. I will update the blog regularly with progress reports.

So, back to work. Coffee and toast done, I must now get down to my marketing strategies for the day.

Hope to talk again soon, Alex - hoorah for Shedworking!


Home Enterprise Day

Well, it's Monday morning and I'm back in my shack! However, I'm quite excited today...

Last Friday, Guy and I attended Enterprise Nation's 'Home Enterprise Day' in London. What a fantastic day! It was entertaining, informative and gave us the chance to meet some great people.

We never got the chance to say a proper "thank you" to Emma Jones, the founder of Enterprise Nation. So, just in case she reads this: "thank you, Emma!"

We got the opportunity to speak to some fascinating and highly motivated people, too. Work Shacks was introduced to John Randall of JV Bouncy Castle Hire; Samantha Salisbury of Jonsam Events (www.jonsamevents.co.uk), who organises corporate events and weddings, and Kate Bacon of Pier to Peer (kate@katebacon.com) who deals in virtual assistants (fascinating concept!).

We heard from several speakers and, most memorably, from former TV Dragon, Doug Richard. Both funny and informative, the one thing he impressed upon us two was that you don't need money to push forward a home-venture.

So, I'm really fired-up and ready to go! My next blog is going to be unashamedly self-promotional. I'm going to get us as close to the google top as possible, so I'm afraid it might not make for very entertaining reading!

I'm off to my shack's 'kitchen corner' now for toast and coffee! Will check in again soon.

Thank you for staying with me while I ramble...


Monday, 12 October 2009

Goodbye, summer... hello, autumn!

Hi, Workshackers!

Well, it's finally happened! I've had to employ my little heater in my garden office! I was avoiding it for as long as I could, but, despite the thick insulation, I've had to take the chill off!

Of course, once the sun moves round and it starts coming through my windows, my office is as warm as toast! I certainly know that, on the occasions I go into the office 'proper', I can't feel the sun on my face! Working in the garden really is wonderful!

We're planning on entertaining next weekend, since it's been a while since we have and are feeling a little 'out of the loop'! So, whoever is lucky (?) enough to receive the invitation, will be wined and dined in the shack! Out will go the laptop and in will come the table cloth and extra chairs! And, hey presto! Our very own restaurant! Office to eatery in a matter of moments! Who would've thought a shack in the garden could be so versatile!

Well, I've finished for the day now. So, I'm off to mow the lawn (getting into the garden office is making me feel a bit like Ray Mears - time for action, I feel!)

Will catch up with the garden-working crew later in the week. Until then, all the best,


P.S. Workshacks will be delighted to welcome Oliver back to work next week. He has his cast off on Wednesday after a run-in with a sumo wrestler (it's true!) Poor old Ollie is not looking forward to having a skinny arm, though. I know, maybe we could temporarily kit out our garden office as a gym - get those wimpy muscles back to their former glory!


Sunday, 4 October 2009

Just a quick ramble from yours truly
sunday evening sitting in the business hub wishing i could work from here all the time. Ill have to be content on making others dreams come true by creating a workshack space for them, jumping in the shack mobile at 6.45 and heading for the M1 THE POSITIVE IS OF CAUSE when you are all working from your WORKSHACKS ILL BE THE ONLY ONE ON THE M1. hears to progress. GUY......

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Afternoon all. And what a fabulous afternoon it is! One thing is for sure - it's far too nice to be stuck inside four brick walls!

I have had a pretty-much perfect working day: working from a home office in this kind of weather is truly superb! I must say, it's far easier to concentrate with your own tailor-made environment around you and nothing but the sounds of the birds in the trees! I left the sanctuary of my garden office and came in a few minutes ago. I certainly can see why people choose to work away from the house! My word, I need to do some tidying up! But, devoid of inspiration, I went back to work from the bliss that is my garden office! I know the mess is still there, of course, but I can't see it! So, that's OK then!

I shut my office doors about 5 minutes ago and was back, in my house, within 30 seconds! It makes me think of my stuck-in-their-ways friends who aren't quite visionary enough to see life from my angle. They're the same people who will take two hours to get home tonight!

Hoorah for the home office! Let's face it - we've all got to work, but there's no place like home!

Jane, signing out for now.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Updated website!

We are pleased to announce that we have updated and improved the Work Shacks website. Choosing a home office or log cabin for relaxing has never been more stylish!

To find the cabin of your dreams, simply visit www.workshacks.co.uk and enjoy the best in working from home.

Let us help you manage your time with a work shack!