Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December already!

Afternoon, Work Shackers!

Can you believe it's December already? I'm struggling to come to terms with this, you know. In fact, I didn't eat my advent chocolate till bedtime last night as I had forgotten what day it was.

I'm in the shack and wondering when I will bite the bullet and add some festive decorations to my office... mmm, not sure. Don't really feel Christmassy enough yet, but then again I don't want to leave it too late and be accused by Guy of being a big Scrooge! Shall ponder further, no doubt...

Well, it has turned pretty wintery. The shack is nicely insulated and my little heater keeps me warm. And it's nice to know I'm not heating an entire house just to warm my extremities! In fact, I am warmer in my office garden than I used to be in the last office in which I worked! And I don't have to put up with office politics - bliss!

I am currently working on a new project to run alongside Work Shacks and will keep you posted. Should be good - especially if you live in the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire area!

On that note, I really should be going. I've got Guy's work diary to sort out and I have a joint of gammon to put in the oven. Homeworking is great - how else could you just pop and do that and be back at your desk in a matter of moments?

Will check in again very soon and will try to dig up some juicy gossip for my next blog!

Keep the 'homeworking' flag flying, folks (ooo, very alliterative!)


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