Thursday, 5 August 2010


This morning was the August meeting of HAHA. We were, alas, very thin on the ground since so many of our (luckier) members are sunning themselves on beaches around the globe!

The meeting was attended by Kate Jackson (Provision TLC), Steve Bowkett (hypnotherapist), Wendy Bowkett (Unique craft shop) and Phil Shepherd (Harborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce) and, of course, myself. I'm very grateful to those who came along, especially Kate and Wendy as Kate didn't have her usual (other) networking event afterwards (so made a special journey into town), and Wendy is recovering from illness! So, thanks, girls!

It was disappointing that Phil attended when the numbers were so low. However, despite that, we chatted amongst ourselves for quite some time and learned more about the work the Chamber of Trade and Commerce does. Which, I must say, is quite extensive!

I am attending a networking meeting tomorrow morning with Phil so will post some feedback on this and the HAHA blogspots.