Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Is a summerhouse for you?

Is a summerhouse for you?

As my first blog entry this may be a little, erm, how shall we say, baby's first attempt. But I am sure in time things will start to flow as CSE grade 3 english does hardly prepare one for such endevours as this. There was no internet in 1980, just the act of using a keyboard has been an arduous task requiring many f's and b's this whole experience has been in fact somewhat daunting, however here we are .
As you have no doubt gathered by now I am no journalist - well not yet. I am in fact a builder, which I would hope is more what your looking for. Anyway, 30yrs on my clock and some 120 on my immediate family tree, that's a lot. My brother, son, father, great great grandfather and uncles have all taken up the trowel, saw or plumbing wrench at sometime. Workshacks has been a passion of mine for the last 2 years, you see I just cannot see why people:-

A. Have to commute for hours a day to work in a office. Whats wrong with a workshop
with all this communication equipment availble? There surely a betterway!

B. Why people in the UK have to build in brick or concrete. It's bloody expensive, not just in
labour but enviromentally.

C. Why you need to heat a whole house when you just sit in one room (back bedroom office)

These thoughts are just a taster to make us think a litlle harder about what could be changed.
It can be much more than a summerhouse.

Anyway as this is a start up business and I've got real work to do, better sign off and do some. More rambling soon .

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