Thursday, 7 January 2010


Evening, Work Shackers!

Well, let me begin by wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and, after all my good intentions, I was so busy with festive preparations, I never got the chance to post a blog!

However, now that we are back to normal (or as normal as the snow will allow) I am back at my laptop in my Work Shack (complete with heater, I hasten to add!)

All us home-workers will be feeling a little smug, no doubt, that the rest of the country has been trying to do mad stuff like DRIVE TO WORK in the snow! As Harry Enfield would say, "You don't wanna do that!" Get yourself a little office in the garden and then all you have to do is shovel a little path up to it and you're sorted!

Well, I must tell everyone about Work Shacks' latest venture. It's a small, informal group that goes by the name of HAHA (Harborough Area Home-working Alliance) and is sponsored by Work Shacks. We met today for the first time and I was thrilled at the turnout! Let me explain what it's all about...

Having attended last November's Enterprise Nation 'Home Enterprise Day', I was inspired to create a social/networking group for my local area. Having worked from home for some years, and having friends who are also home-based, I knew I would have a nice little gathering from which to launch the group. So, I went for it, and HAHA was created.

The thing that stood out most about this group of self-motivated individuals was how diverse our skill-base was. We had everyone there from sales, to accounting, to a hypnotherapy practitioner! Wonderful!

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 4th February, then every first Thursday in the month until... well, forever, I hope!

I will keep everyone updated about the progress of HAHA and, of course, any developments on the Work Shacks front.

So, until then, keep warm, everyone!


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