Monday, 15 February 2010

New Work Shack garden office

Hi, Work Shackers

Well, today Guy started work on a new Work Shack project. It's a bespoke, two room garden office in the Leicestershire village of Skeffington. Being local is good for us, too, as we are eager to further establish ourselves in the Midlands (particularly the Leicester and Northampton areas).

Designed by Work Shacks, the wooden garden office will be fully insulted, painted and finished to a high standard (as usual, of course!) but will be the largest garden building in our portfolio to date, with the added luxury of its own loo!

It's a very exciting project for Work Shacks, as it's given our design team the chance to get creative and show just how much can be built in a garden, yet still not require planning permission! A very effective way of producing space, at minimal cost, for maximum results!

More details will follow as the garden office is constructed.

From my garden office - checking out for now,


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