Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Snow, snow, go away!

Well, I hate to be a misery as I really do love snow, but it's all getting a bit much now!

I mean, it's great when you've nothing more urgent to do than to go sledging down a hill on a tea tray, but when you're trying to work outside, it can become a pain!

I'm referring, of course, to Guy's current Work Shack project in Skeffington, Leicestershire. The ground works are underway, but the snow is seriously impeding progress! I believe it's difficult to work on the ground, when you can't actually see it!

However, things are going well with the new garden office. It's pretty much on schedule and Guy is trying to work on the roof in a friend's barn while the snow is about, so we're getting there!

I am tucked up nice and warm in my own garden office. With all this insulation, I believe it's probably warmer in here than it is in the house - in fact, the dogs have opted to join me, so I think it must be the case!

I will check in with more news very soon.


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