Thursday, 2 September 2010



Today's talk was given by our friend, Steve Bowkett, Hypnotherapist. He spoke about, and demonstrated 'Self-Hypnosis and the Creative Mind'.

As Steve explained prior to his presentation:

"The subconscious is an incredible resource of memory, experience and creative energy that complements the logical, reasoning part of the mind. Especially in today's society most people try to rely solely on conscious thinking abilities to solve problems and make decisions. But harnessing the subconscious complements and empowers the conscious mind so making it far more effective.

This workshop will demonstrate how the mental state of self-hypnosis can help you achieve this. Steve will run a group relaxation session for those who want it, and then work with Kate Jackson on an individual basis so you can see the techniques in more detail."

As always, Steve was happy to answer questions after his presentation (of which there were plenty!) I think we all learned a lot about hypnosis and self-hypnosis and some of us found it quite upsetting to have to remove ourselves from such a tranquil state!

Steve aims to carry out another workshop for HAHA members at his home practice very soon. I can't wait!

Steve can be contacted at

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