Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Summer in my Shack

Well, it looked like summer was here last week! What has happened?

Last week, I was cool and shaded in my wooden office, with the sounds of the birds around me! Today, I am working from the house! Although I know it would still be comfortable, I don't want to get wet running up the garden! Isn't that pathetic?! Still, at least I'm not stuck in a traffic jam on my way to a sweaty, people-packed office (I've done that before, and I didn't like it!).

Guy and the team are currently working on a building project in London, so no Shacks right now, although there are a number of enquiries in the pipeline. It's encouraging to see how many people are switching on the idea of working from home. And, with an office or therapy suite in the garden, they don't need to lose their spare bedroom!

We hope the next Shack we build will be nice and close to home - somewhere within the Midlands, would be nice (Leicestershire or Northamptonshire would be fantastic!). The good thing about this neck of the woods, of course, is that it is commuter belt. All those people trecking all those miles when they could carry out their work just as well (if not better) from the comfort of their own home office. And they money they spend on the building won't disappear (unlike the hundreds of pounds spent of petrol/train fares), but will be an added asset to their homes.

Updates on the Work Shacks front will follow in the near future. Best regards to all.

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