Thursday, 1 July 2010


I have only just found time to publish this blog following today's successful HAHA meeting.

Our speakers today were Wendy Aspland of Smart Cat, and Kate Jackson of Provision TLC.

Wendy and Kate are two independent Personal Development Coaches who come from quite different professional backgrounds. Today, they pooled their knowledge to present a very thought-provoking, fun, interactive talk.

In the exercise they gave us, we all had to stand in a circle around Wendy. Kate then announced what she could see when she looked at Wendy (ie, two eyes, two hands and two feet). As we moved around the group, people saw less of Wendy's eyes, hands and feet and then others saw more as we moved round to those facing her. The point being made here was that the subject remained the same but we all saw different things according to our particular perspectives.

We were then asked to interact with others in the group to complete a questionnaire aimed at finding things in common. This was a great deal of fun, and very useful to the more introverted of the group who aren't quite so comfortable with striking up conversations. They were grateful for the opportunity to 'go up to someone' in this way. Most useful!

Thank you, Kate and Wendy, for a most enjoyable and highly effective presentation!

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