Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ah... sunshine again!

Well, it's nice to see the sun back! I was beginning to think the summer had been and gone!

So, we are all into garden mode! I am working in my garden office with the doors and windows wide open and it's absolutely lovely and VERY tranquil! I drove into Market Harborough yesterday and spared a thought for those cooped up in offices - I remember only too well what that was like!

Guy and the boys are still working in London right now, but hope to be putting up wooden garden offices in the Midlands again very soon! It's encouraging to see how the work-from-home message finally seems to be spreading through the country. It seems to be quite an accepted practice in the South East, but here in the Midlands with all those road links, people seemed to miss the point a little bit.

However, the media seem to be pushing the message and, as a Telegraph reader, there are often features about working from home or from a shed in the garden. It's all very encouraging, both from the perspective of Work Shacks and the planet!

So, let's all spread the word: you no longer have to GO TO WORK! GET A WORK SHACK and let work come to you! You can even work in your PJs!


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