Friday, 2 July 2010


I was alerted to a brilliant piece on the BBC1 Breakfast programme on Wednesday:

The article covers the ever-growing numbers of homeworkers who are working in sheds and shacks in their gardens!

Now, some of us have thought this is a brilliant idea for quite a long time now, but for some, it's still a relatively new concept. But, it's a concept that's getting there!

For a long time now, the little wooden hut has been a kind of sanctuary for the creative elite. Writers such as George Bernard Shaw and Philip Pullman have celebrated the small-but-distinct space between the world of domesticity and the world of make-believe! And, they're now not alone!

In the clip, author and illustrator, Ted Dewan, speaks of how he is able to escape the modern, tech-filled world when he is in his shed. In fact, it was Philip Pullman who gave the shed to him as a gift - with the proviso that it be used for creative purposes! Indeed, writer, Penelope Thompson, is also clearly passionate about her very upmarket shed! The humble garden shack has clearly become the location of choice!

The clip also talks about the latest exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum which is all about small spaces and hideaways. This would seems to be a very fast-growing concept indeed!

So, all those with a Shack - pat yourselves on the back for being cutting-edge without being corporate! And all those yearning for a Shack - give us a call on 0845 234 0674 or speak to Guy directly on 07950 935917.

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